Gondola Wish was a noncommercial platform for Remote Viewing and network of independent exhibition spaces operated by Harkawik during the COVID-19 lockdown. Artists were invited by participating spaces to contribute an artwork in the form of their choosing. Each work was accompanied by a set of geographic coordinates, which the viewer could use to project their consciousness to a remote location. Gondola shared 37 projects from July-Dec, 2020. For more information, please contact info@harkawik.com.

Participating spaces:

414 W 121st, NY
Artist Curated Projects, LA
Catalpa, NY
Court Space, LA
Delaplane, SF
Dem Passwords, Ojai
Et Al, SF
The Finley, LA
Freddy, Harris
Gern en Regalia, NY
Good Weather, North Little Rock
The Green Gallery, Milwaukee
Harkawik, NY
Kate's Little Angel, LA
Key Club, NY
La Kaje, NY
Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, LA
Lulu, Mexico City
MX Gallery, NY
Maia's Pool, LA
MingYan Helen Gu x Nick Kochornswasdi Gallery, LA
New Low, LA
OOF Books, LA
Punto Lairs inc, LA
Rainbow In Spanish, LA
The Suburban, Milwaukee
Vernon Gardens, LA
Waller Gallery, Baltimore
Wendy’s Subway, NY
Y2K group, NY