Gondola 842.204471,-72.603316
0619 Series, variants 0351-0476

For the past couple of years, I’ve been making compositions on my phone generated from randomized image searches. By searching only on a short string of numbers—for example, the numbers in the day’s date—I get a collection of unrelated images. I’ll scroll through these results looking for juxtapositions that seem interesting to me in some way, and take photos of these areas off the laptop screen with my phone. I then select a handful of these snapshots and combine them into a single base composition using a simple collage app, which I generate multiple scrambled versions of using a separate image-glitching app that re-orders images into a kind of fractured/repeated grid (that still echoes the grid-based format of the search results). So I wind up with a folder of collages that all contain similar visual components, but which are all different, and which (for me) function as a way of reconsidering collage through the non-human logic of image search space. It's also interesting to me to see the way the pattern-making part of my brain keeps projecting different narrative relationships onto the images as they get reshuffled. Mainly though, it's just something I like to do on my phone when I’m bored; for the most part, these compositions all wind up sitting in my Google Photos account gathering virtual dust. Anyway, this particular folder contains a set of 120 variations of a base composition that I generated from a Yahoo image search conducted on 06/19/20.