Gondola 239.323805, -76.611886
Iain & Joe1

We live in an office without air conditioning next to a Johns Hopkins building that someone runs a project space out of. We order from the Italian deli a couple times a week. Our stoop extends into a bus stop which makes our packages easily swipeable. One time in high school Joe shorted Iain on a bag of pot but made things right a couple days later. Iain is a stand up comedian now. Iain makes paintings and drawings. Joe works at a restaurant now. Joe plays video games. Iain has a bedframe. Joe's mattress is on some wood on the floor and he feels ashamed cause he saw a vice article that said having a mattress on the ground is for "fuck boys" or something. Joe has a John Altoon book and Iain really likes it.

Artist's playlist: Thomas and friends - Thomas theme (reprise), Mamas and papas - Sing for your supper, Michael Hurley - Open up, The Ronettes - Do I love you, Todd Rundgren - A dream goes on forever