Gondola 2434.116287, -118.330506
Ley Lines1

no beginning, no end
and you are like a moth today
morning is balmy darkened haze
your eyes thick
then suction~

within unseeing vortex, you arrive inside a flame
and you remember the before

they say we know only 10% of sea life
the truth is we know so little at all
breath coats the picture of a skyless sky
spiral into yourself and over

it is a proverb that we all come from water
it is fact that earth was once one sea
Are we children in Cronus’ act of swallowing?

bodies mutating, cells adding, momentum brings luster
soft tongue, wet angle, moist face,
eyes to elsewhere, mountains bloom

the glow spells ley lines
they sprout and coil like roots

petals erupt from ash
sex, but grief has always been there
that unknowing place that illuminates

~Zoe Koke

Angel Vessel, 2020, Ceramic, glaze, 14 x 34 x 14 inches

Arrow Vessel, 2020, Locally sourced ceramic, glaze 15 x 15 x 15 inches

within the sun there is suction, 2020, Ceramic, glaze, 27 x 48 x 21 inches

if r = o, then p = -∞, 2020, Ceramic, glaze, 33 x 48 x 32 inches

X, 2020, Ceramic, glaze, 24 x 40 x 22 inches

Corpse Flora, 2019, Ceramic, glaze, melted copper, paint, sharpie, 27 x 48 x 21 inches

Heart Trophy, 2019, Ceramic, glaze, 25 x 29 x 17 inches

Turmeric, 2020, Ceramic, glaze, 12 x 24 x 12 inches

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